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My own career started in the field of research, in the university and archive sector. Many years of work in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, where I taught, evaluated and assessed students, wrote books and articles, worked in research groups, counselled students and was a doctoral supervisor and a part of different boards and committees, gave me a deep understanding of research and the university sector. Driven by curiosity and a need to experience other parts of the labor market led to a career shift.

My next step was into the sector of HR, where I focused on talent and career development and on starting my own business. As a coach and career consultant I help individuals and organizations to improve talents and competencies. Over the years I have talked with many researchers, leaders and other professionals about their careers and professional identities. I have taught courses for PhD supervisors about their roles as supervisors, and courses for PhD students and Post.Doc’s about how to handle their roles as researchers, their talents, careers, performance and work-life balance.

For strategical reasons, talent development and career clarification have become more important because of international competition. Researchers, scientists, experts, and postdocs need to develop their career consciousness and broaden their career competencies for their own sake, but also for the sake of their employers and organizations.

In my career programs and workshops I support professionals with their next career move and help them reflect on their leadership skills and the importance of strategic career management. In individual coaching sessions and talent development programs, I support new leaders and experts in their transition processes and to find a way forward.

I help universities and companies train their talented researchers and experts in career management. I design and deliver programs, courses and workshops based on customer needs. I also offer individual career coaching in one-on-one meeting, or on Skype or telephone.

“I remember the feeling I had when we finished our extremely encouraging and productive one-day session. I felt very thankful to Monika because I can see that she has substantially benefited the quality and the quantity of my work.” Lourdes Cantarero.

My purpose is to help individuals get the most out of their work life, and companies to get the most out of their human competencies and talents.

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I can offer

  • Experience
  • Quality
  • Solid Knowledge
  • Thoroughly considered concepts
  • Strategic reflectivness
  • Holistic understanding
  • Confidentiality



  • EMCC, European Mentoring and Coaching Council, accredited systemic coach education, 2011. Rambøll/Attractor
  • Project Management Training. 2011. AEU, Danish Universities
  • Certified test user Decision Dynamic Decision Styles (2015), Leadership Focus Profile (2015), NEO PI -R personality test  (2012), Decision Dynamic Career Model (2010), JTI personal profile (2009). Center for Leadership Copenhagen and Hogrefe Publishing Psychology/Karen Gaardmand
  • Certified systemic coach. 2008. Rambøll/Attractor
  • Courses in business psychology and councelling. 2007-08. Aarhus University
  • Fil.dr./Dr.Phil., History 1998, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
  • Fil.lic./Ph.D., History 1994, Åbo Akademi University, Finland



  • Moveo Nordic 2016-
  • Janfelt Consulting 2008-
  • Assistant Professor and Associate Professor 1998-2009, Department of History, University of Southern Denmark
  • Career Consultant and Executive Officer, 2009-2014, Human Resource Services, University of Southern Denmark